Donation Center Events Partner with the Donation Center to support your organization and a great cause

Partner With the Donation Center

The Easter Seals Donation Center partners with schools, churches, sports team, youth groups and other organizations to collect clothing and household items. In some nonprofit partnerships, proceeds from the collection are shared to the benefit of both organizations. Here are two types of events you can host with the Donation Center:

-Nonprofit Fundraising Drive: Public and private schools, faith and community based groups, civic organizations and other non-profit organizations can raise money for their organization and for Easter Seals by conducting a clothing drive within their organization or in their community. There is no up-front cost and no need to purchase inventory for the partnering non-profit. To learn more about this simple yet effective fund-raising opportunity, please download a copy of our brochure or contact a member of the Donation Center Management Team.

-Hosting a Donation Drive: Businesses, communities and community-based groups can host a clothing donation drive that will promote recycling and benefit people with disabilities. Those interested in learning more about this convenient method of donating or who want to set up a donation drive are encouraged to contact a member of the Donation Center Management Team who will be happy to tell you more about donation drives and assist with coordinating and promoting your event.

For more information on planning an event with Easter Seals Wisconsin’s Donation Center, please contact our staff at 877.208.5109.